Reflexology is a great way to help the body relax, releasing tensions, and assisting in the removal of toxins within the body, in so doing may assist in the healing process.

Reflexology is an ancient complementary holistic therapy. Dating back to Ancient Egypt, India and China.  It's much more than and different from a massage, so much so that the NHS are now recommending Reflexology to support pregnancies.

There are many different forms of Reflexology treatments available, please see below for the the treatments I offer.

Kathleen Lynch (MAR CNHC RN)
Foot and Hand Reflexology Image

Foot and Hand Reflexology

Traditional foot and hand Reflexology treatment, which reduces stress and tension.
Working the reflex points helps rebalance all body systems encouraging the body to heal and repair
Facial Reflexology Image

Facial Reflexology

Reflexology applied via the face using the principles of Zone Reflex Therapy.
With the added benefit of improving skin tone and appearance.
Lifting your face, spirits and improving your wellbeing.
Fertility Reflexology Image

Fertility Reflexology

Whether you are trying or want to plan ahead for pregnancy.
Make this part of your conception journey.

Supportive treatments for couples with fertility issues and  those undergoing IVF
Maternity Reflexology Image

Maternity Reflexology

Focused treatments supporting both Antenatal, Birthing Preparation, Postnatal care and Newborn Baby Care
Functional Reflex Therapy Image

Functional Reflex Therapy

Specialised Reflexology approach for people with autism, ASD and  learning difficulties
Aromatherapy Reflexology Image

Aromatherapy Reflexology

A holistic treatment using the principles of both reflexology and aromatherapy.
Lava Shells Image

Lava Shells

Reflexology using Lava Shell Technology, providing a more intense treatment.
Hot Stones Reflexology Image

Hot Stones Reflexology

Reflexology using Hot Stones to enhance the treatment.
Thai Foot Massage Image

Thai Foot Massage

Ancient Thai Foot Massage including stretching and stick techniques.
Zone Face Lift Massage Image
Zone Face Lift Massage
Lift your face and spirits with this treatment based on Bergman Method Facial Reflexology, Gua Sha, Face Lift Massage and Native American Healing Techniques
Natural Facelift Massage Image
Natural Facelift Massage
This rejuvenating treatment is a combination of the very best both modern and ancient facelifting massage techniques. Japanese facelifting techniques are included.
Lava Shell Therma Facial
Lava Shell Therma Facial
Lava Shell Reflexology treatment is soothing, it instantly relaxes you, allowing you to drift to a tranquil place.
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