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Babies Children Teens

Babies, Children and Teens


Supporting growth, digestive issues, respiratory issues and sleep.
Finding a bit of 'me time' with a small baby is hard, so I offer a combined mum and baby treatment session on request. See Special Offers.

Toddlers and young children

There are many stressors for young children (potty training, pre-school/school, coping with a new sibling, loss of a pet, even moving house). These affect them and may manifest as changes to their normal behaviours i.e thumb sucking, nail biting and disrupted sleep.
Reflexology can help them to relax though a short fun interactive session, hugely beneficial in their ability to cope.
They are only required to remove their socks and shoes.
Most do not find it tickly but those that do initially, quickly get used to the very gentle pressure and relax.


Can benefit greatly from these sessions as it can help them relax at times of anxiety nearing exams, improving concentration, preparing them for learning and at times of hormone fluctuations.
Modern day living is showing an increase in teenagers being diagnosed with emotional disorders, depression and the need for antidepressants.
Helping them manage and develop healthier stress coping strategies is key. 
Reflexology's ability to assist in relaxation, improve sleep, may be just the alternative way you are looking for your teenager.

Please Note

A child ithat is under 18yrs old, needs to be accompanied by an parent or guardian for both the consultation session and all other sessions.

For the Older teen, a comfortable adjoining room is available for the accompanying adult to sit and relax.

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