Lava Shell Reflexology
Lava Shell Reflexology

Lava Shell Reflexology

This intensive reflexology treatment using heated lava shells is ideal to ease stress and rebalance the body’s energy systems.
The very nature of the shell allows the therapist to easily detect any crystals and blockages within the body and deliver a truly powerful, deeply relaxing and healing therapy.

The  action of the Hot Lava Shell penetrates deeper into the skin, stimulating the blood supply easing away muscle tension, release energy flow and restore a sense of balance to the mind, body and spirit. 

For the ultimate calming experience the Lava Shell Reflexology treatment is soothing, it easily relaxes you, allowing you to drift to a tranquil place.

As the marine polished sea shells are glided smoothly over the feet, you will instantly drift into a blanket of warmth, falling into a state of utter relaxation and calm.

What to expect?

Kathleen is specially trained in Lava Shell Reflexlogy and the heat management of the shell. As part of your reflexology treatment the Hot Lava Shell will be used to work into the foot reflexes using the flat surface, the hinge and the edge.
The Eco-Friendly tiger shells have been recycled from the Philipines and highly poilished, so that it glides over your skin. The shell is heated by an exothermic reaction of a purely natural preparation inserted into the shell. This allows the shell to remain heated of apprximately an hour. It delivers a constant heat throughtout the treatment, infusing into the tissue and deeper into the reflexes. The flat surface, edge and the hinge are used to do precision work throughout the session.
This gives you a smoothe gliding seamless treatment with added intensity.
Use as:
Pre-Conceptual care programme.
In Pregnancy - second and third trimester.
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