Hot Stones Reflexology
Hot Stones Reflexology

Hot Stones Reflexology

This therapy originated in China and India, and had been used for centuries. Stones heated by the sun were used in the form of a massage.
These civilisations believed that it helped cleanse the body and relax the heart, ground the soul and soothe the mind.

The principles and techniques have now been developed to be incorporated into reflexology treatments. Treatment combines the benefits of Reflexology and heat therapy which opens up the energy pathways quickly making it extremely relaxing, and soothing. Enabling deep stimulation of the reflexes points.

At the end of the treatment you may feel restored, revitalised and balanced. A deeper improved relaxation response is achieved increasing the healing process, increasing the blood flow and circulation.

Sport injury and Inflammatory issues

The Stones can also be used cold, to ease inflammation, cool muscles and heal.


Use as part of your Pre-Conceptual Care Plan.
Soothe muscle tension and pelvic discomfort in Pregnancy in the second and third trimester,
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