What to Expect
What to Expect

What to Expect

All first treatments require a confidential health and lifestyle profile, including feet observations and palpation, enabling me to create a treatment plan specific to your health needs. 
Please allow 90 mins. This will ensure a full treatment is given at your first session. All other sessions duration are as stated below.
If you have time restraints. Please discuss this with Kathleen. A Health and Lifestyle questionnaire can then be sent to you. Please bring this with you so this can be discussed, so a individualized treatment can be given from the outset.
You may decide to have a one-off treatment or a series of treatments. 
5-6 treatments maybe recommended, depending on your specific health needs for the greatest benefit to you.
You decide what suites you best.
This treatment is using the Zone Therapy approach.
The face will be cleansed and a Facial oil is applied.
A facial consultation will be done to ascertain the best products to use for your skin type.
An opening sequence including deep breathing exercise, will be followed by facial reflexology. This is a light and specialised set of techniques that will soothe relax facial muscles and every organ and system in the body in some way, according to your health and condition to a greater or lesser degree.
To conclude there will be a closing sequence and a brief discussion of findings.
Neal's Yard Remedy Organic products are used, on request.
This is an adapted specialist reflexology treatment. 
Close observation of the client will take place throughout the treatment to ensure acceptance and enjoyment of the treatment.
If at any point it is felt that this is not the case the session will cease. A chaperone is required at all times as communication may be limited and someone familiar with the client communication methods is essential for any treatment of this group if clientelle. 
"relaxation that prepares the body and mind for learning"
Your feet will be cleansed and an oil or beeswax balm with be applied.
A specially nature crafted Tiger Shell are used.
The shell is self heating and will be used in conjunction with traditional reflexology techniques. This delivers a constant heat throughtout the treatment. Allowing the heat to infuse into the tissue enabling the treatment to work deeper into the reflexes. Various parts of the shell are used in different ways to deliver a bespoke treament.
"so soothing and comforting"
Hot stones warmed in a heated bag are used to work the reflex points. The stones vary in size according to the area of the foot to be worked and the techniques to be done. The heat is less constant so more stones are used as need so ensure a smoothe flowing treatment.
After cleansing the feet an oil is applied to the foot. After short warm up routine a full sequence is performed. Concluding with a closing sequence.
"i felt i was wrapped up in cotton wool"
After cleansing the feet.
The feet and lower legs will be massaged with an oil/cream or beeswax based balm.
The treatment is both invigorating and deeply relaxing, involving stretching and acupressure to stimulate reflex points. It has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Chinese massage, incorporated into the treatment.
It starts with a warm up techniques and oil is applied to the individual foot and lower leg. The other is wrapped in a towel (foot wrapping).
The Sen lines of the foot and lower leg are worked.
A traditional Thai foot massage stick (a specially crafted stick) is used to do additional work on the reflex points in the foot. The other leg and foot will be unwrapped and the first leg/lower leg wrapped.
This will be followed by the other foot/lower legs being wrapped - pressure point work and stretching will be preformed.
Both feet/lower legs will then be unwrapped to conclude with a closing sequence.
This treatment can also be done on the hands and lower arms - great for upper body tension, hand, arm strains and tension.
it's a invigorating yet relaxing treatment
This programme of treatments incorporates the use of Facial reflexology, Zoneface lift massage, Visualization, Hot towels, Gua sha tools, Facial rollers - to name a few techniques. 
Each treatment will be tailored to the clients individual needs after a brief consultation and discussion of what products will suite that particular session in the programme.
Firstly the face will be cleansed and Facial oil will be applied. After a short opening sequence the Natural Facelift Massage or Advanced Natural Facelift Massage routine will be carried out and conclude with a closing sequence.  
Luxury Treatment- Either treatment can be added to one of my other treatments for a spot of indulgence.
Neal's Yard Remedies Products can be used on request.  
The face, neck and decollete are deeply cleansed and polished to prepare the skin. A facial cream is used with the self-heating Lava shell.
Spa Find Natural Mineral Therapy Products are used with this treatment.
Please Note:
A Reflexologist does not diagnose and should not be used instead of orthodox medicine but can compliment it.
If you are receiving medical treatment it may be advisable consult your doctor first.
I am happy to provide you with a letter to take to your doctor requesting permission to receive treatment. Available on request.
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